The route changes – teaser

Teaser trailer for the upcoming film “The route changes”.

Memoirs of a hip ‘ole black man

Vinx De’Jon Parrette  is one of the most loved and respected independent artists in the music industry.  He has consistently chosen to follow his own path and not bow to industry pressures and commercial expectations.  As a pioneer artist he has

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Memoirs of a hip ‘ole black man – Nederlands

Met Nederlandse ondertitels

Memoirs of a hip ‘ole black man – Français

Avec des sous-titres Français.


Vinx is soundchecking in the Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany november 2011

Vinx – compilation

Vinxfilm Promo HD

JazzAhead, Bremen

An impression of Vinx’ showcase at the Schlachthof theatre during the JazzAhead festival in Bremen. Guitarplayer Ximo Tebar is joining in…