Screenings The Route changes:

2022-11-19 LAB111, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Screenings Memoirs of a hip ‘ole black man:

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2022-12-28 Stingray DjazzTV (Austria, Israel, France)

2022-11-13 Stingray DjazzTV (Netherlands)

2021-05-07 Stingray DjazzTV (Netherlands)

2020-05-22 Stingray DjazzTV (Austria, Israel, France)

2020-04-18 Stingray DjazzTV (Netherlands)

2020-04-03 Stingray DjazzTV (Austria, Israel, France)

2020-02-26 Stingray DjazzTV (Austria, Israel, France)

2019-12-13 Stingray DjazzTV (Austria, Israel, France)

2019-11-20 Stingray DjazzTV (Netherlands)

2019-11-19 Stingray DjazzTV (Austria, Israel, France)

2019-08-27 Kolding, Denmark

2019-02-07 Copenhagen Jazz Film Festival, Denmark

2018-01-12 Stingray DjazzTV

2017-12-22 Stingray DjazzTV

2017-11-12 DjazzTv, Estonia

2016-11-17 Krasnodar, Russia

2016-11-13 New York Jazz Film Festival, NY/US

award for Best Traditional Documentary based on a Jazz Musician



2016-08-30 World Music Int. Film Festival, MD/US

award for Best documentary in music



2016-08-13 Chain NYC Film Festival, NY/US

2016-08-12 the Indie Gathering, OH/US

award in Best Feature Documentary category


2015-10-17 Desert Rocks Film & Music Event, CA/US

2nd place Best Feature Documentary


2015-09-25 Sepherdstown, WV / US

2015-09-24 Baltimore, MD / US

2015-09-18 Kansas City, MO / US

2015-09-11 Atlanta, GA / US

2015-09-05 Benicia Film Festival, CA / US

2015-07 Boston, MA / US

2015-06 East Orange, NJ / US

2015-06-14 Chatham, NJ / US

world premiere: 2015-04-26 Bussum, the Netherlands